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Wintery Sky At Easter

Wintery Sky at Easter by surrealistic-gloom

Gifts And Dedications

:heart: Heartfelt gift from :iconddimitri16: Dedicated to Gloom by DDimitri16
Thank you so very much, dear Dimitri! :heart:

:heart: Amazing dedication from :iconmr-ripley: All Santa Wants After Christmas by Mr-Ripley
Thank you kindly, dear Tom! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful dedication from :iconteaphotography: Many Paths... by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Superb dedication from :iconmr-ripley: A Long Walk Home by Mr-Ripley
Thank you so much dear Tom! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful gift from :iconpamonk: Because you Are So Special To me by PaMonk
Thank you kindly, dear Barbara! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt gift from :iconpamonk: Little Cat by PaMonk
Thank you so much, dear Barbara! :heart:

:heart: thoughtful gift from :icondigithalie: = Surrealistic-gloom by Digithalie
Thank you kindly, dear Nathalie! :heart:

:heart:Amazing dedications from :iconteaphotography also: The Magic of The Butterfly by TeaPhotography and Horsin' Around by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Lovely dedication from :iconteaphotography: Lazarus- Risen and Thriven by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful gift from :iconpamonk: Thank you Gift by PaMonk
Thank you so much, Barbara! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconlunawolfsong18: Squirrel by LunaWolfsong18
Thank you very much! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedication from :iconcrgphotography: Wonderment by CRGPhotography
Thank you so much, Casey! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt dedication from :iconteaphotography: Morty the Magician by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful dedication from :iconarhar: 8 March 2o15 by Arhar
Thank you kindly, dear Arhar! :heart:

:heart: Lovely dedications from :iconteaphotography: A Thing for Owls, Part 2 by TeaPhotography and A Thing for Owls, Part 1 by TeaPhotography.
Thank you so much, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Stunning gift from :iconphilippel: Big Green Eyes by philippeL
Thank you kindly, dear Philip! :heart:

:heart: Awesome dedication from :iconteaphotography: Like Patchwork by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :icondimajaber: bunch of love by dimajaber
Thank you very much, dear Dima! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconteaphotography: My Wish To Realize Your Impact by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Superb dedication from :iconchryssalis: L E T H A R G Y... by chryssalis
Thank you kindly, Athina! :heart:

:heart: And this adorable gift from :iconteaphotography: Little Charmer by TeaPhotography
Thank you kindly, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedications from :iconteaphotography: Be Ornate by TeaPhotography and Decked Out by TeaPhotography. Thank you so much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt gift from :iconpamonk: Squirrel in a Fractal by PaMonk
Thank you so much, dear Barbara! :heart:

:heart: Amazing dedication from :iconlior-art: Serenity by Lior-Art
Thank you so much, Lior! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful dedication from :iconteaphotography: also Forestial Imaginarium by TeaPhotography
Thank you kindly, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: lovely dedication from :iconteaphotography: Hoping for Harley by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much! :heart:

:heart: Superb dedication from :iconcarloshurtadosoriano: THE CALL OF THE WITCH by CarlosHurtadoSoriano
Thank you so much, dear Carlos! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt dedication from :iconsubhankar-biswas:

Mature Content

anticipation... by subhankar-biswas

Thank you kindly, dear Subhankar! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedication from :icontigles1artistry: HEAVEN AND EARTH... by Tigles1Artistry.
Thank you kindly, dear Teresa! :heart:

:heart: Friendly dedications from :iconteaphotography: Summer Time Love by TeaPhotography and The Wild in You by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :icontigles1artistry: 1000 TSURUS FOR MY FRIENDS..... by Tigles1Artistry.
Thank you so very much, dear Teresa! :heart:

:heart: Also from :iconteaphotography: Happy Endings- I Survived by TeaPhotography
Thank you very much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Lovely dedication from :iconteaphotography: Tidings of Gratitude by TeaPhotography
Thank you so much, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Amazing gift from :iconraikanearthdragon: Gift: Surrealistic Gloom by RaikanEarthDragon
Thank you very much! :heart:

:heart: Superb gift from :iconpamonk: Gifrt For surrealistic-gloom Flower Orb by PaMonk
Thank you so much, dear Barbara! :heart:

:heart: Sweet dedication from :iconteaphotography: King of the Hill by TeaPhotography
Thank you, my dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Adorable gift from :iconphilippel: Suspicious by philippeL
Thank you kindly, dear Philip! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful gift from :icondigithalie: For Surrealistic-gloom by Digithalie
Thank you so very much, dear Nathalie! :heart:

:heart: Kind gift from :iconvasidgallery: Mad Max by VasiDgallery
Thank you so much, dear Vasi! :heart:

:heart: Awesome and thoughtful gift from :icontigles1artistry:

Thank you kindly, sweet Teresa! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful dedications from :iconpramin: Cat's eyes by Pramin and Curious huh.? by Pramin and Surrealistic-Gloom by Pramin
Thank you so much, my dear friend! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful gift from :icondanaanderson: Wrought Iron by DanaAnderson
Thank you kindly, dear Dana! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconchryssalis: UNDER MY SKIN... by chryssalis.
Thank you so much, dear Athina! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful dedication from :iconteaphotography: Being Your Amazing Self by TeaPhotography
Thank you very much, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Awesome gift from :iconmiapicassa: sunflowers for J by miapicassa.
Thank you kindly, dear Mia! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconvasidgallery: Fearless by VasiDgallery.
Thank you so much, dear Vasi! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful Christmas dedication from :iconblueanomis: Schutzengel by BlueAnomiS.
Thank you very much, dear Simona! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconchryssalis: SECLUSION... by chryssalis.
Thank you so much my dear friend! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful dedication from :iconladyjudina: Fairy and Butterflies-Fairy, es a pillangok by ladyjudina.
Thank you so much, dear Judina! :heart:

:heart: Very special gift also from :iconteaphotography: And Many More Wishes to Come by TeaPhotography.
Thank you so much, dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Adorable dedication from :iconteaphotography: Tea and Philippe for YOU by TeaPhotography.
Thank you kindly, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Superb dedication from :icontigles1artistry: Magic of Paradise VI by Tigles1Artistry
Thank you so much, Teresa! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful gift from :iconphilippel: Raven on a Surrealistic Decor by philippeL.
Thank you so much, dear Philip! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconartbybeverly: Tiger In The Wild! by ArtBYbeverly.
Thank you so much! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful gift from :iconyuukihanabusa: Gift 4 surrealistic-gloom by yuukihanabusa
Thank you so very much! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt gift from :iconpramin: Flora by Pramin.
Thank you so much! :heart:

:heart: Superb dedication from :iconprimalfuryan: DREAM RIDE! by primalfuryan
Thank you ever so much! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedication from :iconteaphotography: A Bit of Celtic Charm by TeaPhotography
Thank you kindly,dear Tea! :heart:

:heart: Amazing gift from :icontigles1artistry: Colorful.... by Tigles1Artistry.
Thank you very much, dear Teresa! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt gift from :iconmiapicassa: pastels ..for J... by miapicassa.
Thank you so much, dear Mia! :heart:

:heart: Lovely dedication from :iconteaphotography: Dragonfly Dreams by TeaPhotography.
Thank you kindly, Tea! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedication from :iconartbybeverly: Angel for Angels! by ArtBYbeverly. Thank you so much, Beverly! :heart:

:heart: Lovely dedication from :iconteaphotography: Stars of The Sea by TeaPhotography. Thank you, dear Tea, it is beautiful! :heart:

:heart: Thoughtful journal from :icondanaanderson: DW and GloomHi everyone!
Here are the deviations of the week in :iconourarea51:, chosen from
Fractal and Abstract Art

by :iconJoe-Maccer:

by :iconcoby01:

by :iconjim373:
:dance: Congrats to the winners! :dance:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Green]
A feature of :iconsurrealistic-gloom:'s works. She is such a kind and caring person!

Happy New Year 2013! by surrealistic-gloom
A Daisy For Tea by surrealistic-gloom Lonely Bird On The Tree by surrealistic-gloom
Longing For Lili... by surrealistic-gloom :thumb289
. Thank you so much, dear Dana! :heart:

:heart: Heartfelt gift from :iconsubhankar-biswas:

Mature Content

howling at the moon by subhankar-biswas
. Thank you kindly, dear Subhankar! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful gift from :iconladyjudina: Broken Dreams-Osszetort almok by ladyjudina. Thank you ever so much, Judina! :heart:

:heart: Friendly gift from :icontigles1artistry: Cat-O-Log... Egyptian, Invisible Cat and Golden... by Tigles1Artistry. Thank you so very much, dear Teresa! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedication from :iconladyjudina: Have-a-nice-dream by ladyjudina. Thank you so much, Judina! :heart:

:heart: Kind dedication from :iconricky4: Blue Jay by ricky4. Thank you very much, Ricky! :heart:

:heart: Lovely Valentine from :iconchryssalis: Be My Hammentine by hoschie (done by hoschie:). Thank you so much my dear friend! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful Valentine from :iconmiapicassa: YouAreAwesome by Krissi001 (done by Krissi001). Thank you very much, Mia! :heart:

:heart:Superb Valentine from :iconlarabln: :thumb354038746: (done by AngeliaStocks). Thank you kindly, Lara! :heart:

:heart: Adorable Valentine from :iconphilippel: (done by sad-goats). Thank you so much, Philippe! :heart:

:heart: Lovely Valentine from :iconpamonk: Be my Valentine! by Katrin-Elizabeth (done by Katrin-Elizabeth). Thank you very much, Barbara!

:heart: Beautiful Valentine's Day dedication from :iconartbybeverly: Happy Valentine's Day! by ArtBYbeverly. Thank you so much, dear Beverly! :heart:

:heart: Beautiful dedication from :iconthegirlwhowatchda: :thumb353853503:. Thank you so very much, my dear friend! [Heart]

[Heart] Thoughtful gift from :iconteaphotography: Angelic by TeaPhotography. Thank you very much, dear Tea! [Heart]

[Heart] Heartfelt gift from :iconphilippel: Naughty Stare by philippeL. Thank you so much, Philip! [Heart]

[Heart] Kind journal from :iconyuukihanabusa: I want...and a featureI  want this year to  draw  more ....
I want to  draw :
-fan arts
-art teades -
- OC
-and more
i want to  feature:
1.  :iconsurrealistic-gloom: art

. Thank you very much! [Heart]

:iconcip5: Thoughtful Christmas card from :iconartbybeverly: :thumb342132407:. Thank you so much, Beverly! :iconcip5:

[Heart] Heartfelt dedication from :iconteaphotography: From Tea With Love by TeaPhotography. Thank you kindly, Tea! [Heart]

[Heart] Wonderful dedication from :icondanaanderson: Winter Twilight by DanaAnderson. Thank you ever so much, dear Dana! [Heart]

[Heart] Awesome gift from :iconblueanomis: E V E R L A S T I N G by BlueAnomiS. Thank you very much, dear Simona! [Heart]

[Heart] Wonderful gift from :iconlirulin-yirth: Gloomy river by Lirulin-yirth. Thank you so much, Lin! [Heart]

[Heart] Fabulous gift from :iconteaphotography: I Speak For The Trees by TeaPhotography. Thank you kindly, Tea! [Heart]

[Heart] Toughtful dedication from :iconmickeyrony: For surealistic_Gloom by mickeyrony. Thank you very much, Michel! [Heart]

[Heart] Wonderful gift from :iconphilippel: Journey in La-La-Land by philippeL. Thank you so much, Philippe, it is awesome! [Heart]

[Heart] Heartfelt dedication from :icongitbitwu:: Let Love Blossom by Gitbitwu. Thank you ever so much, I love it! [Heart]

[Heart] Beautiful gift from :iconyuukihanabusa:: rose by yuukihanabusa. Thank you so very much, my dear friend! [Heart]

[Heart] Wonderful journal from :iconbillndrsn: Feature!!:iconsurrealistic-gloom:
Fav, Comment, Watch, Enjoy..=D

Sunset At The End Of Summer by surrealistic-gloomAutumn In Town by surrealistic-gloom
Maple Leaf Changing Colours by surrealistic-gloomIn The Forest by surrealistic-gloom
. I can't thank you enough for this honour! [Heart]

[Heart] Amazing gift from :iconhiaamir:Eagle by hiaamir. Thank you so much, dear Aamir! [Heart]

And wonderful gift from Aamir Rose 3 by hiaamir. Thank you ever so much, my dear friend! [Heart]

[Heart] Heartfelt dedication from :iconhiaamir: Thank you so much my all DA Friends by hiaamir and a beautiful "Thank you journal" To all my beautiful, kind heart friends!!!To all my beautiful, kind heart friends!!!
:iconhrtplz::iconcuteheartz:  My dearest friends and DA Family, I want thank you so very very much
for your loveliest birthday wishes and all the happiness, Kindness and Love
you have showered on me, this special day!!
My wonderful and amazing DA family, Thank you so very much
for all these sweet feelings and love, thank you so much for all.
LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!:heart::love::blowkiss: :iconcicidanceplz:
My special thanks to
:iconjocelyner: :iconnataly1st: :icontigles1artistry: :iconcanankk: :iconPridesCrossing: :icon1001g: :iconTeaPhotography::iconstarlitezart::iconaidah15:
:iconForgivenDreamSoul: :iconsurrealistic-gloom: :iconsesam-is-open::iconjunobyjuno: :iconerozja: :iconWhisperDragon::iconRezzanAtakol::iconmalaladanila: :iconshlomitmessica: :iconannieta-photography: :ico
. Thank you kindly, Aamir! [Heart]

[Heart] Wonderful gift from :icontigles1artistry: Summer in Red by Tigles1Artistry.
Thank you so much, dear Teresa! [Heart]

[Heart] Thoughtful dedication from :iconteaphotography: Time for Mama by TeaPhotography. Thank you kindly, Tea! [Heart]

[Heart] Beautiful gift from :iconhiaamir: Spring 3 by hiaamir. Thank you so very, very much, Aamir! [Heart]

[Heart] Beautiful and surprise dedication from :icontigles1artistry: UPDATE on Protein Crisis in Europe by Tigles1Artistry. Thank you ever so much, dear Teresa! [Heart]

[Heart] Thoughtful Spring dedication from :iconhiaamir: Summer and Spring 2 by hiaamir. Thank you kindly, Aamir! [Heart]

[Heart] Another beautiful dedication form :icontigles1artistry: Spring for You by Tigles1Artistry. Thank you so much, Teresa! [Heart]

[Heart] Thoughtful gift from :icontigles1artistry: Spring for You by Tigles1Artistry. Thank you very much, dear Teresa! [Heart]

[Heart] Wonderful gift from :iconpamonk: Cute Cat Wallpaper  For a Special Friend by PaMonk. Thank you so much, Barbara! [Heart]

[Heart] Valentine dedication from :iconphilippel: :thumb285016865: (work mintwinter) Thank you very much, Philippe! [Heart]

[Heart] Valentine dedication from :iconmiapicassa: single rose by miapicassa Thank you so much!, dear Mia [Heart]

[Heart] Valentine's Day dedication from :iconpamonk: Happy Valentines by PaMonk. Thank you very much! [Heart]

Beautiful Works

...Autumn is falling... by floriaiglenoirLe peLicaN by ArtToscaninaWet pink beauty by DanaAndersonRural Scenery by JocelyneR by philippeLMohax by euroxtc...Era for Jocelyne... by floriaiglenoirOn The Sunny Side by PridesCrossingLight in the dark by Lirulin-yirthGirl's Got Spirit by VisualPoetressReflection On An Autumn Pond by AverageSmalltownGirlShine by TeaPhotographyiPiddle...oops...iPuddle by Trippy4U:thumb215029522:O Tannenbaum ... by amiejoli'l Jocelyne by subhankar-biswasHappy Birthday Jocelyne by MissSpocksSunshine by MiarathBetter Days Ahead for Jocelyne by GypsyHDreams XLI by Tigles1ArtistryMemory by PridesCrossingdreamy tulip flowers by photographybypixieWinterland Stream Stock by philippeLSpeaking with my Eyes by TeaPhotographyMr. Molly - Betsy Moore's Cat by AMMooreIIILate For Dinner by Mr-Ripleyfloral choral by subhankar-biswasLonely Boy by Mr-Ripley:thumb281934071:Red Water by anaPhenixFairies Land by SARETTA1London 01 by JACACwhole anemone 1 by marob0501Poupine Discovering the Outside World by JocelyneREagle for Flori by philippeLthe strange bike by JACACA Walk in the Parque IV by Arte-de-JunqueiroNapping Kitty for Jocelyne by philippeLCats Couple by hiaamir:thumb288870898:Going up ... by JACACThe Sixteenth Note by martintinazGuardian Swan, The Head. by The-WrinklyNinjapoppy by albatros1lady white in black by marob0501My Sally by Rearviewmirro-rCupid by Mr-RipleyPostcard from Chefchaouen 05 by JACACBuzzing on the Breeze by Deb-e-annE N C H A N T E D by BlueAnomiSS U N N Y by BlueAnomiSyumiko by subhankar-biswasJocelyne by Lili by Tigles1Artistry

Mature Content

things are looking up! by subhankar-biswas
Bently Panting by Wulff-ArtsPostcard from Erg Chebbi 01 by JACACPostcard from Berlin 22 by JACACMrs Cat by Alexandra35:thumb319436927:Alone And Confused by BiBiARTsa drop of yellow by prettyflourFluffy Baby for Jocelyne by philippeLLittle Cat Family For Jocelyner by PaMonkPoppy peeking Panya by kayaksailorOpava by JuhaniViitanenFriends by JACACFluffy's New Trick by Mr-Ripleycoeur fragile by subhankar-biswasFreedom Tower 4 Mark by Trippy4URonny 290 by kram666

Chipmunks and Squirrels

< class="c tr"><*b><*b></i>

Peanut by NineOneThree
Cutiepie by JocelyneR
Relaxed Little Squirrel by JocelyneR
The Treasure Chest by JocelyneR
My Cutiepie... by JocelyneR
Surprise! by JocelyneR
Another Nice Encounter by JocelyneR
A Wary Chipmunk by JocelyneR
We Shared A Snack by Speck2
The Culprit II by philippeL
Peekaboo by MadeByRona
Mouth Full of Peanuts by EarthBirds
Peanut eater by finhead4ever

Custom box made by ShiStock and SabakuNoShi. Image by PhotographsByBri




From my faves


Protea by Heidi-V-Art

Mountains - On the mountain tops by miirex  Beach Sunset I by NunoPires

Stardust by Metal-Bender   Luis 01 by JACAC 

......Mom ? by LewiARTs  987 by Gelu59

Untitled by Placi1

Last lights on the reservoir 3 by ShlomitMessica  Beautiful landscape3 by RoseCS

A Little Blue R 'n R For Me by harley12345  And the Heat Ray by DanStefan

Division by Canankk   Absence by Metal-Bender

Breathing Easier, Thanks to You by TeaPhotography  Bored... by JocelyneR

Pinkish, Pinker, And Far Out Pink by oneofacard   Rose Queen For A Day by oneofacard

Somewhere in Portugal 06 by JACAC  The Sweet Fragrance of House by BillyNikoll

Magic Light by NunoPires
Dark Leaf by kootenayphotos   World in a Drop..... by Tigles1Artistry 

Harbinger by Trippy4U   Splash Dancing by Trippy4U

Wonderment by CRGPhotography   .:Walk on Beach:. by RHCheng

A charming little visitor by Momotte2

Silent beauty by DragonflyAndromeda  Solitude by divvad151

To Lidia Rossana by martaraff  Tiny Under The Sun by BlueAnomiS

  Eternity by sesam-is-open

December 2015 in Helsinki by Pajunen  Cafe du Cadran by Rikitza

Fade to Change by TeaPhotography   Winter Road II by Pajunen 

Pink by BillyNikoll

I'm so cute! by Sisterslaughter165  Little one :) by robee-V

The Box by catch---22

s.e.c.r.e.t. garden by VasiDgallery   The Hideout..... by Tigles1Artistry

 Postcard from China 19 by JACAC   The Red Window by JocelyneR 

Flock of Birds by catch---22  Frozen by LewiARTs
Forever Autumn by DanStefan  Dyle. by Bermiro

Digital Art

THE STREET MARKET by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

Bouboul by Digithalie  Peace and love by Digithalie

The Lake by LaraBLN 

Jason Momoa ~ Wolves by AStoKo

Bonfire by Nao1967   Fountain(re-version) by Nao1967

Our lifetime together by altergromitRetired by altergromit 

THE GUNNERS by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

Far Away Places - byzarre leaves by Miarath   Forest Fire by philippeL

A Rainbow In The Darkness by Lior-Art 

Composizione206 by claudio51   Arancioverde by claudio51

Back To The Future by Lior-Art   The Music of the Light by doinnuthin

I'm a Man by Joe-Maccer

Tandem by purr3sunshinepocket  Beauty In Pink by PaMonk 

Persephone by IslaAntonello by philippeL

Old times! by jennystokes  Happy Birthday dear Zarashi. by jennystokes

Visualizing Your'e Imagination by PaMonk  goldene castle wall by GLO-HE

Moka by yuukihanabusa   87. Fairy of frost by Erozja

you are like a sunflower happy birthday by analovecatdog

\Depressed Brid by Ehsartem   A Moon Zaphire Birthday by rsiphotography
Rounding the Horn by davincipoppalag   Tread Lightly-animated by Sublime-Feline 

Photo Manipulation

Tender hands 2 by ElenaDudina

 Table Dance by rsiphotography

ps258 by Campo-Diaz   The Unlocker by magicsart 

Expired disk by ladyjudina  Last leaves by megan7

Lovable by DDimitri16  Happy Holidays! by Canankk

Unforgiven by frenchfox

Escape from Skull Island by Mr-Ripley   dusk to dawn by HippieVan57

To the light by DDimitri16   Mirror filled with memories by DDimitri16

Tzu67 by Placi1

All Santa Wants After Christmas by Mr-Ripley   Broken But Still Alive by Black-B-o-x

Lament of the Black Rose by LindArtz   Ghost Moon by LindArtz

autumn beginning by poisen2014

Enchanted Forest-copyright by Sublime-Feline   For Jocelyne by Sisterslaughter165

sentimental dream by HippieVan57

Autumn Love by saperlipop  Remembrance by saperlipop 

Castle room by Blubirdss  ID by loloalien

Crumbs of time by ricky4 

Infinite Domain by MoodyBlue
  Singing and dancing in the rain. by awesome43  Pure joy by awesome43

Angel and Demons by Sisterslaughter165   Butterfly Castle by ladyjudina

Traditional Art

portrait des iles by FDupain   Zombie Girl by ADRIANSportraits

Dogs by DDimitri16  WOLVES by Wulff-Arts

Catching Fire #2 by nehab16   Balancing Between by HMissXX

Wonderful Life by purr3sunshinepocket  Sunflowers by MrsGraves

  January 13 by theperian  January 14 by theperian

  Shoes by JJKAirbrush   Evler- II by MeralSarioglu

Peace........ by TriciaS   summer fling by nakedcrayon23


Day 3 of my 2016 drawing a day. by shonechacko  CLOUDS by MrsGraves

Lemmy from Motorhead (RIP) by philippeL   Sadness by m-gosia

Hung over skinhead commission by ADRIANSportraits

Beautiful Day by ARTBYTERESA   Your home is where your art is by ark4n

Camouflage........ by TriciaS 

A Memory by CarolynYM   rouge by MeralSarioglu

the unicorns of voran's canyon by loreleft27

The Quinn by sinsenor   Don't Blink by subhankar-biswas 

THE DEER by MrsGraves

Flower by Digithalie


From my faves


Autumn by m-gosia

Mountains - In the land of mist by miirex  One Last Autumnal Ramble IX by Trippy4U

There's always one... by MaresaSinclair 

Hilo by rsiphotography  Arizona 6 by JCCJ756

distant memory by O-Gosh  Old Stairs by TropicalGuitarrist

You're a Champ by TeaPhotography My Wish To Realize Your Impact by TeaPhotography

I'M HERE...NO,I'M NOT... by chryssalis 

Hi, something new? by ZalyHeartlessTigress

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLORI.... by Tigles1Artistry   Normy deserves it by martaraff

The sky is crying by DormirReverPeutEtre   Autumn in Northumberland by newcastlemale

observer by Csyyt  World Class Beauty by TeaPhotography

Softly by catch---22  Colorful Lily 2 by Heidi-V-Art

End Of The Afternoon by JocelyneR   Prelude by catch---22

Tuck your chin in by GorgeousWreck  Black-Headed Gull 001 (04.03.14) by LacedShadowDiamond

R I S E N by BlueAnomiS  Camellia of the Thunderstorm by TeaPhotography

The Little Shed on the Prairie by JocelyneR 

A Third One... by JocelyneR  Happy meal for red squirrel by Momotte2

Starry Eyed by Metal-Bender   I Will Not Fall in Love by Canadianhorseluver

Blue snow by DormirReverPeutEtre  The Misty Mountains VI by Hourvari

Rush by fashioneyes   Stilts by SharPhotography

Past Royalty by Tigles1Artistry    Full moon on the old city by ShlomitMessica

   Wishes From An October Sprite by TeaPhotography 013m by Placi1

Milo by Gitbitwu Rendez-Vous by Pajunen

Tears Of Joy by sesam-is-open   Late Opening Sunflower by JocelyneR 

Duckies. by The-WrinklyNinja

Dark and Deep by Metal-Bender Tell Me  A Story by catch---22  
Sunflower. by The-WrinklyNinja   A Spring Kiss in South Africa by WhiteBook

Xochitl by TeaPhotography At peace... by cricketumpire

Petite by polarpoisson   Flex 8 by MechanicalLazarus

It's Not So Black And White...Sometimes by Trippy4U   A Space Within by Trippy4U

  just looking forward by scheinbar   Silent Crowd by Torkhelle

Lavender Rose 002 (27.10.14) by LacedShadowDiamond The Essence of a Perfume... by WhiteBook

 The Begonia Brocade by oneofacard 

Digital Art

Shadowy by Thelma1  Composizione603bis by claudio51

Le Palais Des Glaces by Digithalie  New York's Ground Zero by Lior-Art

88. Ready to date by Erozja  Tranquila Tempestad - Quiet Storm by LaraBLN

Deseo by LaraBLN  visitors by iytj

Somewhere in the Mandalex by PaMonk  mushroom magical garden by loreleft27

Blue Bird by philippeL  As the wind by ark4n

Magic Item III Special Valentine's Day by Arhar  THE REVELATION by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

  Home Made Flower Arrangment by PaMonk  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY by Tigles1Artistry


      The other day on the desert planet Rana by arteandreas  Unbalance by ark4n              

     THE SORCERESS QUEEN by CarlosHurtadoSoriano  RETROPOLIS by CarlosHurtadoSoriano                  

Magic Item I by Arhar  monsters...for Joey... by iytj

          Dune: Worm Riders by philippeL  Departure by ark4n

  Strange Balls by ZeeShiKing

home for the holidays by CapnSkusting  Smooth Talker Bird by Princess-Suki-W

Cause And Effect by Arhar  scalloped dreams by loreleft27

Roses for Angedevil by Erozja    *28 JUIN 2014 - MOONS by JFBAYLE

The Great White Death by philippeL  Hedgehog by SabakuNoShi

In the deep by jennystokes   Space baby by jennystokes

  A Path to Eternity by Tigles1Artistry   Flower Abstract by PaMonk

Do you like chess? by LewiARTs  Aquatic beauty by sptanwar

The White Sea by Lior-Art  Red and White by sptanwar

Photo Manipulation

For Jocelyne With Love by saperlipop  Magpies For Momotte by saperlipop

The Remains of the Day by purr3sunshinepocket   remnants of false freedom by dimajaber

L E T H A R G Y... by chryssalis   Selene - goddess of the moon by RoseCS

Ivory Tower by TheLoveTrain  While The Children Sleep by LindArtz

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Canankk  Bad Mood by LewiARTs

Santa Claus Is Not Coming To Town by Mr-Ripley   Syria by saperlipop

Breeze by Blubirdss  Joan by megan7

Early Morning by Lior-Art Hilo Hawaii Dawn of New Day by rsiphotography

Choices by RoseCS  Happy Valentines day! Forever... by RoseCS

The sweet fantastic by purr3sunshinepocket  Always in my head by purr3sunshinepocket

Beyond The Road by Sillybilly60  Therese and the Kitten by saperlipop

Wild child by purr3sunshinepocket  Softly in Time  by LindArtz

THE LAST REVIEW by chryssalis  Escape is inevitable...................... by pjenz

Send Me An Angel by RoseCS   Come Out and Play by JCCJ756

Nightly Stroll  by LindArtz   Lady Butterfly by Mr-Ripley 

THE BIRD by KsPeR  The ghost by BillyNikoll

Midnight Hour by TheLoveTrain  leeway by HippieVan57

Traditional Art

InNoCeNT wHiSpErS by Fajralam  Thorin blue eyes by ArtKosh

Winston - Charcoal Commission by secrets-of-the-pen  Sleepy Kitty by philippeL

Flamenco by philippeL    twists and curves by subhankar-biswas

Wash of Roses by ShanghaiSarah  Blue  Curacao by purr3sunshinepocket

FRAME-iStIcS II by philippeL    

Middletown by CarolynYM  30.7.2014 by MeralSarioglu

Sunflowers few days later by ARTBYTERESA  LILACS by Wulff-Arts

Newly Born Flowers...  by HMissXX  li'l Beverly by subhankar-biswas

   Tribute to Casablanca by JaneIanniello

Twin Foragers by denismayerjr

 A Pair of a Kind by philippeL

Little Boy Commission by Marybriannemckay  PARTNERS by sinsenor

DOLL by sinsenor    REBIRTH by nakedcrayon23

Daphne - Charcoal commission by secrets-of-the-pen   Le Chat Coiffure by AstridBruning

Friends by ShanghaiSarah   SOPHIA by Wulff-Arts

The Stakeout by JaneIanniello  in my village... by floriaiglenoir

14.7.2014 by MeralSarioglu  Forth Rail Bridge In The Evening! ~ Pastels by ArtBYbeverly

Sakura Blue by DeviBrigard   Bibi's Teddy by floriaiglenoir

Flowers in Vase by Window by Marybriannemckay  

Woman of unknown origin by HMissXX  FISHING by Wulff-Arts

Dreamers Dream Eternal by analillithbar  Breaking Point by SergioIanniello

Flower by Digithalie


From my faves


Melody by Heidi-V-Art

Boat II by JACAC Arizona 4 by JCCJ756

Diag.... by Malcolm21 002 4 Copy by Placi1 Unfurling by polarpoisson

the icon by O-Gosh

Getting Better With Age by TeaPhotography Noroc Selina! by Canankk

Sisters by DormirReverPeutEtre

Let's try flying by VasiDgallery Inner shining by DanaAnderson Sunset  D71-4893 by BiBiARTs

 A Gray Day by Trippy4U Survivor (2096) by WayneBenedet

Happy Birthday Gabriela by Tigles1Artistry Forget-me-not, Teresa! by JocelyneR Autumn Purple Flowers by JocelyneR

Karamuk by RezzanATAKOL Garry. by isider This Is My Ball by Canankk

Spring Dream.... by Tigles1Artistry Subtile yellow tulip by AStoKo Mj-magic by martaraff

White spring by Pajunen

Here I Come to Save the Day by TeaPhotography Kiss a Kissa by Wellgarth
Where is my toothbrush? by plumita1

Windows by DormirReverPeutEtre   Tallinn Streets by Pajunen

Ballerina by WhiteBook

Volcanic Landscape under the Autumn Sunset by Hermetic-Wings   Somewhere by Trippy4U

surprised... by iytj

 S P R I N G __ T I M E by BlueAnomiS 049 by Placi1 Rhododendron by Lior-Art

Women's Softball by Trippy4U

 I'm listening... by MaresaSinclair Sunny foxie by Momotte2 I'm a cool colt by Wolfling01

Red Callistemon by Lior-Art Red, Red Rose by Heidi-V-Art  Being Natural by WhiteBook
Love That Once Hung on the Wall by Metal-Bender Light and stray things by martaraff

patient watcher 2 by awjay

Dreamy Pink by Tigles1Artistry   Memories by George---Kirk

M2 by jennystokes Hypnosis by Alexandra35

Fading Lines of Gone II by Hermetic-Wings Dark Road by BlueAnomiSRemains of the First Day by TeaPhotography

More of Doughie's Cute Face by brighteyesgal Smell of Spring by XanaduPhotography Yes You Darling by TeaPhotography

Always Green ~ Winter Tree by AStoKo Spring Wind by Lirulin-yirth Ocean ....... by Tigles1Artistry

The Hue Of You by Trippy4U  Yellow boat by DormirReverPeutEtre

Friends by Alexandra35

Digital Art

Up all Night with the Stars by LaraBLN

Tribute to Vincent by ZokiArt555   Queen Bette by TheGalleryOfEve

 CITY LIGHTS by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

Blue eyed Owls by Faircloth-DigiTalArt  Superiority by xmilek

Gift for wretched-bones  Dagger Art by PaMonk if these walls could talk by loreleft27 Apollonian Net by Minia4

Nightcall... by metalromantica   Last Supper by TofstoFs

*01 MAI 2014 - RED SPACE LADY by JFBAYLE  Krzysztof by Alexandra35

  Master, thou shall wake up! by philippeL THE OLD BEAST WILL NEVER DIE by CarlosHurtadoSoriano FURIOUS by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

Chameleon Colors by RandyAinsworth  Good Morning by Lior-Art

A Little Ripe by JCCJ756 Worshipping The Sun by ZeeShiKing Gift For My Watchers by PaMonk

 Lone Koala by Faircloth-DigiTalArt Teddy puppy by Faircloth-DigiTalArt Black Chow by Faircloth-DigiTalArt

THE EMPEROR by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

Dandelion by polarpoisson Honey Jar by jennystokes El Origen De Todo- P1 by cocakirby

Freefall by saperlipop

Lilly Onc 12x9 Final Ver2 by miapicassa  Flowers by TheRoyall

 Once there was a Supernova by philippeL  The Fog Winding Down by philippeL

  Lonely Raven by ark4n   Dare to imagine by Blenderman92

22M14c by Digithalie K'NARC by buddhakat9

REVENGE by CarlosHurtadoSoriano


Not A Day by RoseCS

Grulla by ZokiArt555  Walking on Eggshells by saperlipop

Tulips Family by RazielMB  Soft Vintage Rose For GypsyH by Sublime-Feline

La Passion Musicale by Sisterslaughter165  Lyanthus (original by SarahharaS1) by Aderes-Devorah

Enlightening Knowledge by spring-sky  Cat Mania by ZeeShiKing

 The Catwhisperer by theogroen  Magical Mischief by LindArtz

Don't go in the Basement by LindArtz  War Angel by Mr-Ripley

225138624177064 by ebelsteph

The Spiderwomen Brand Raid by rsiphotography  As Time Goes By... by RoseCS

 The Magician by maiarcita

 Beautiful Hilo by rsiphotography  Desert Sunset by IvanVladik
Magic at night doeth Happen by LindArtz For Ronnie by PridesCrossing Make a wish by megan7

I miss you by TheRoyall  Elizabeth by ladyjudina

Waiting.. by megan7

Traditional Art

STAY ... by HMissXX

Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones) by philippeL  Aragorn Viggo Mortensen by FDupain

Observer by DouglasHumphries

Love... by virnagray  silkscreen on cotton by xabiersagasta

Drawn to Help 9.2: Out of the Margins II by theperian

Down In The Valley! by ArtBYbeverly  Snow patrol by valzart

Almost There... Almost Where... by HMissXX

Untitled, Color by MadGardens Mangrove by SergioIanniello

Nad-E-Ali For Ilham by primalfuryan  art from COLLIER'S MAGAZINE by peterpulp  The Bunny Show, A Collaboration with Offermoord by MadGardens

Wonder Woman by subhankar-biswas

BARNEY BIGEYES by essencestudios populus flucta by vanlubeck

Clouded Black Bird (Three Trees) by SethFitts  Arrival of the birds by purr3sunshinepocket

Cat on the Roof by MeralSarioglu

Red Horse by primalfuryan  Running Horse by philippeL ...Sisters under The Sun... by floriaiglenoir

BRONX ZOO BEAR by Wulff-Arts'A minute on the beak...' by aaminah-snowdon Kitty by ShanghaiSarah

Without Grace by ShanghaiSarah

Twins Commission by ADRIANSportraits Michelle at 5 by CarolynYM

detail II of Only Love by floriaiglenoir 

Giggles Commission by ADRIANSportraits  Puss in boot by ADRIANSportraits  Yujie's Blue Flower by CarolynYM

Simultaneity... by HMissXX

Flower of friendship by Digithalie

Flower by Digithalie




Please, pay attention:

:iconjassy2012: aka Jasmina, a very active member of the DA community, desperately needs help for a bone transplant.
Her latest journal: I still need money for a bone TransplantationHello my dears
first sorry for the bad english I use the Google Translator.
I wanted to give you some feedback about my condition simply again.
As you know, I had to close my groups, because I'm sick.
I still need an urgent bone Transplantation what my insurance will not pay.
That's why my big request to you: Please donate if you can something so I'm healthy again. Every penny helps me.
the two operating rooms cost around € 15,000 and I do not know where I should take the money.
My husband earns very little, I can not work because I'm sick and we have 3 children.
I'm doing every day worse. I get depressed and have repeatedly severe pain.
Please sums you a heart and donate something if you want and can.
I would be eternally grateful. How much that you probably do not think you can.
thankful your Jassy
my soul dies everyday a little more, my depression is too big and I don´t stand it any more.
I have pain, no light in my dark world and if I don´t get enough money for the


Works inspired by my pictures:


Going to where... by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
If You Ever Leave by ltuininga = :iconltuininga: Traditional Art

Shadow Of A Bird by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
sharing....... by miapicassa = :iconmiapicassa: Miscellaneous Process

Falling From The Sky... by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
Space Babe III by philippeL = :iconphilippel: Photomanipulation

Fall Mushrooms in the Grass by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
Broken nuts by undefinedreference = :iconundefinedreference: Photomanipulation

Decrepitude by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
The lost love song.... by metalromantica = :iconmetalromantica: Photomanipulation

Crossed Ravens by surrealistic-gloom = my picture
Ravens by philippeL = :iconphilippel: Muro drawing

Silhouette Of A Robin by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
InkSpirit... by metalromantica = :iconmetalromantica: Photomanipulation

Black Bird On a Branch by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
Absorbing The World by Me2Smart4U = :iconme2smart4u: Literature/Poem

Sunflowers Decaying by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
sunflowers for J by miapicassa = :iconmiapicassa: Photomanipulation

Summer is going. by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
Postcard from Alien World by Aderes-Devorah = :iconaderes-devorah: = Photomanipulation :iconclearflowerplz: RIP my dear Andrew, I am missing you! :iconclearflowerplz:

On The Melting Snow by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
Abyssal Stalker by philippeL = :iconphilippel: = Mixed media



Requested by me

Silhouette of a Raven  2 by surrealistic-gloom = my photo
Gloomy Silhouette of a Raven by philippeL = :iconphilippel: Muro drawing :clap:


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Awesome gift!

:heart: Awesome gift from Teresa, aka :icontigles1artistry: :heart:

Beautiful Souls

Featuring Audra aka :iconaudramblackburnsart:, heartfelt and talented artist.

RUN FOREST RUN by AudraMBlackburnsArtLISTEN TO MY PAW THE PRISON BREAK PLAN IS THIS... by AudraMBlackburnsArtLMFAO by AudraMBlackburnsArtArthur Fungarelli by AudraMBlackburnsArtFOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by AudraMBlackburnsArtREVAMP ON FKA .... by AudraMBlackburnsArtBULLY SLAYER by AudraMBlackburnsArtWallflowers by AudraMBlackburnsArtEye Saw Red by AudraMBlackburnsArtVIAGRA FALLS by AudraMBlackburnsArtA FLOWER WITHOUT A FACE by AudraMBlackburnsArtMAGNOLIA BLOSSOM IN HIS PSYCHEDLIC TREEHOUSE by AudraMBlackburnsArt


Featuring Teresa aka :icontigles1artistry:, a dear friend and amazing artist.

Purely White Magic... by Tigles1ArtistryLeaving The Past Behind.... by Tigles1ArtistryFlowery Dreams by Tigles1ArtistryA Beauty In Winter by Tigles1ArtistryPink WInter.. by Tigles1ArtistryTHE ALQUEVA REGION, PORTUGAL by Tigles1ArtistryFOR ALL MY DA FRIENDS by Tigles1ArtistryThe Sea by Tigles1ArtistryGOING DOWN THE SOUTHBANK MEMORY LANE I by Tigles1ArtistryAvalon Lost OR Regained by Tigles1ArtistryVoices of a New World by Tigles1ArtistryI CAN SEE YOU.... by Tigles1ArtistryBali Our New Family Pet by Tigles1ArtistryAfterthoughts... by Tigles1Artistry


For All the Llama Lovers

For All The Llama Lovers by surrealistic-gloom



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