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February 10, 2013
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Oblivian by SevimDalanAn Autumn Kitten by martintinazI Need You by BlueAnomiS

Cats by dwukolorowo:thumb115962869:the sweetest derp :D by Meow-pics

Theo 20130120-1 by FurLinedGet down! I m the king! by RezzanATAKOL

NOT AGAIN.... by chryssalisMischief... by Trippy4UQueen Kitty by adeb1113

The Smallest Thoughts by UriahGalleryThe first steps... by Katrin-ElizabethWhy I Oughta.... by BlueSolitaire

Hai there. by FoxAndLeo4EverCute Art Critiques by philippeLFrankie 5 by friartuck40

:thumb39856906:Once Upon a Blue Moon by TeaPhotographyCat World VII by Tigles1Artistry

tranquility in bookstore. by rainfrohagen:thumb165464258:Soaked Kitten 03 by lumibear

The Cathouse by Trippy4U:thumb78393181:Windows to the Soul by TeaPhotography

Blue by Lust0fADeeperPainManx Cat - Kawaii by ShadowTiger18Hello? by kitty-coffee

doob_eyes by HippieVan57sitting pretty by Meow-pics

A Kittens Innocents by martintinazBurning colors by Silversugar444Sergei in bw by Meow-pics

A Peaceful Strength by TeaPhotographyFandee by Mr-Ripleykitty love by HippieVan57

Halloween 2012 by terminarosa:thumb351692264:Look at the birdies by JocelyneR

Doughie Looking into the Camera by brighteyesgalAn Autumn Kitten by martintinazWhite Kitty by DanaAnderson

Safe In Your Arms by Lirulin-yirthThe Darkness is full of color by kayaksailorBuddies by TeaPhotography

Wondering by BlueAnomiSLooking at you by arualcatHug me, please. by jankolas

name search by vadaleinMy Cat Gorn by edwardvbHappy Camper 19 by CatStock

Lazy Cat by Lasiu7926 by first-cherryHolly as a kitten3 by narutolover1598

Gwak Thong in Garden by Mr-RipleyMy Cat by hermioDomestic Shorthair Tiger Kitten - Tigger by McrBlueOctober

I Can't Beleive It by DarkBorderLazy Cat by Pajunenturn off the light - good night by SvitakovaEva

Oriental by SessaVJussi II by TanjaMaria1178 by first-cherry


Piece of fluff 2 by Ursula-GemmaThe secret by Katrin-Elizabeth:thumb304698408:

The King of Posers by JessicaDobbsBlue by Valvador:thumb307211119:

IMG 1006tjjjjjjjjjjteffffffff by golpistaStaring Competition by BlueAnomiSlittle tabby mu... by maslight


Rains! by MaverickMaeHero [wallpaper] by lucityalien cat by SveteG

~*~ TWO SWEET KITTY'S ~*~ by Absinth-C-LoverWilbur found an all day Lassie Marathon on TV by davincipoppalag~*~ Dakota ~*~ by Absinth-C-Lover

.:Wishing Well:. by moroka323Dream Big Little Kitty by MindmellowCold by kayjensen

WAITING ON EMILY by I-Am-Lady-TimelessAmong Cats by jerry8448The Window by jerry8448

Hello kitty siren by Erozja:thumb293540625:Absinthe Cat by RockstarVanity

Chiko by alexandrasalasSoft Kitten by Tarisha:thumb346778368:

moonshine by nosoartNot Alone Anymore by graphiteforlunchkitty pop art by Meow-pics

Kitty Blue Logo by rockgemCoquine - Muro sketch by CamillaMalcusgrumpy cat by Hitryi-Pryanik

.:AT:. Naheel by L-y-n-e-aWarrior Cats - Scourge by Midnight19488Christmas Gift by Malexbus

Kitty in a flowerpot by AliciaBelBipole Cats by CephiAnd I Will Dance by Thilil

I'm like a kid who just won't let it go. by kittykatwolfToothless is a cat ! by Lily-FuCat by Owlis

The Frost [Final] by 0Lavendre0Valentine Kitti Ceviz by begumaaMilo2 by XavierKirby

:thumb253481706:Origin of Siamese cats by Silverfox5213

Big Eyes by Creepyfeet101Eden Pyrope by AshlynperArioso by tracyjb

My Yellow Cat by THE-LEMON-WATCHSiamese by RedilionWallpaper Cat Eyes by Erian-7

Angry cat by Shakumimutual paper by ApofissKitty mess by Elsy123

 -1 by mekakhizuhaMr Pickles by cameoandersonChiaroscuro... by Pryate

Moonflower by BlueranykATC 02 Me is invisible by Kirihara-Kiriya31Fractal'cat by Lu0ren

Temptation of Major Whiskers by vacuumslayerx Happy Birthday x by AmbrityDaybell by lucity

Lyla Cat by marthatealeafCute Cat by TheGalleryOfEve

Snowcats2 by essencestudiosFollowing The Trail by SwiftalunarCat stare by Silver-Skatan


Drawn Mr. Jansen by JasminaSusakEthereal Cat by Stardust-SplendorMilo's portrait by Emi-Gemini

White kitty by jankolascat logo by JMA-47In her own world by DeviousWitch

The irresistible look by AuroraWienhold:thumb337149564:she cat by DanielGrzeszkiewicz

Sweet Touch by Acacia13My Cat at Rest by philippeLmandatory daily cat sketch 1604 by nosoart

A Kittens Voice by AlexanderLevettmandatory daily cat sketch 1605 by nosoartWhiskers on Kittens by catluvr2

Cats by danuta50Kitten Who Needs a Name by JhinnuaMagellan by KW-Scott

My Most Beloved Cat by Flyinglilypad...cutest kitty... by floriaiglenoirMinnaloushe? by liselotte-eriksson

My cat, Pocak by TarcDnBopposites attract by Cmac13Winged Cat (Key Keeper) by SethFitts

winter night cats by ingeline-artA Prize for Tea by philippeLFunny cats black and white opposites by KingZoidLord

Golden Eye's by KW-ScottThe fire within :: Feline revolution by Hoyhen

Himalayan Cat by KW-ScottEl Gato by philippeLblack and white cat by essencestudios

Pretty Puss by Quaddles-RoostKid and cat by UdvardiCat-tacle by Maria-van-Bruggen

Funny cat cute tabby kitten painting by KingZoidLordFerals in Tangier by AstridBruningYoghi en Lucas by Leeuwtje

:thumb308508386:The Saga Of The Somnambulists by essencestudiosHalloween du Chat Noir by unistar2000

Magestic Stare by philippeLA Room With a View by Chuckie-T:thumb289964596:

Somber Cat with different eyes by laura888Oliver Cat by laura888Cheshire Cat by Marianna9

smiling cat by Marianna9Funny Cat by Marianna9Draw a cat o0o by Rinmeothichca

cat by shirls-artTwo friends by VincikTHE CATS. ARE icin by MeralSarioglu

FELINO by sinsenor:thumb338190151:40.000 Pages Kiriban Rosie and Crookshanks by Leochi

David's cat by karincharlotteCat by MyrretKitty by hikoo

Geometricat 3 by karincharlotteEyes On The Prize by LaurasshadesofgreyRevised City Cats by karincharlotte

Biskits New Tail by essencestudiosBlue Cat by BinnusKiti by danuta50MiuChu by paullung


Out for a stroll by EstelDreamingCat loves to be pretty by MaryBlickBlack Cat Charm by RavingEagleMedia

Singapura Cat Image Transfer Pendant Necklace by SingapuraStudioHalloween Kitties by DragonsAndBeastiesChesire cat of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton by Elfetta2007

Blue witch and her black cat in a cup by Elfetta2007Snowbell - The Pretty Kitty Plushie /sold by tiny-tea-partyGarfield xmas 2 by NeeferPudding

:thumb201442700:Pudgies - Kitties by WhimzicalWhizkerzCatball by IAstartov

noir.Puzzle Brooch Series by F-l-e-u-r-D-u-M-a-lKitten Njashka by KittenBlackUAPinkie Pie Plush Fail by Wolflessnight

Copper Cat by AstridBruningCyan, Magenta and Yellow kitties by natalianinomiyaFunny kitten mini plushie by lutamesta

Curling Cat Mirror by bumble-booKissekatten totem figurine by VattukattCat-Friendly Reminder by Evyio

Black Jack the Ripper Ninja by LeoncaMacro - The cat by flegomoldcitydreamer by RAMlL

spirals by RAMlLBlack Cat in Tree - Pendant Necklace by sobeyondthiscat by nefkata

Doily 'Kittens in Love' by MadOldHagKitty Meow Meow by MiiruFaeKyo Sohma Cat Form Plush Doll by JapaneseBlossomKitty

coquet by Keila-the-fawncatChibiterasu necklace by SirKittenpawsAt night all the cats are blue by RineWolve

Cats Rule Sneakers by Stardust-SplendorNix charm by SirKittenpawsCats Rule Sneakers by Stardust-Splendor

Kitten Njashka by KittenBlackUAForever Kitten by TxYankeeCat necklace by la-cravatte-du-chien

Jiji plushie from kiki's delivery service updated by yael360Cat masher by Gabriel-AliaFox Plushies by littlepaperforest

Pack of kitties wooden box by ElaRaczykCute dogs and cats by Elfetta2007Siamese mix by Leonca


To be continued...

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F-l-e-u-r-D-u-M-a-l Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
thank u sooooo much
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AnnemiekedW Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Wonderful feature, love cats and kittens :heart: Thank you so much for including my work :hug:
surrealistic-gloom Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Thank you kindly! :hug:

You are so welcome your paintings awe amazing! :heart:
Wolfberry-J Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Oh what a fun set of images. I can look at these cat pics for hours =D. Thank you for sharing these wonderful artists with the rest of us. :heart:
surrealistic-gloom Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Thank you so very much for your kind words, I am pleased that you like the feature! :heart:
Hoyhen Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
Thank you very much, this is my first feature!
surrealistic-gloom Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Aww, you are so very welcome, the pleasure is all mine! :hug:
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