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November 28, 2013
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Blinking Cat Icon - free use by Spectrolite


Siamese Please by TeaPhotography

Blondie by vabserk   Lonely eyes by VasiDgallery   Deux Beaux Chats Noirs by TeaPhotography  

  Family Kiss by BenHeine    Pati by MCTemiz  Stray cat by MustafaSEZER

Sneaky by sunset-drive  Croatian Cat by PicTd  My Sally by Rearviewmirro-r

The Cat Goddess by ahermin

Cat eyes by hiramf  Kittydog II by MikiYoshiUzuki  Patch by haggins11

   Ezequiel 2 by hiram67  Autumn cat by VasiDgallery  Miss Gizzy by SalemCat

Black cat by Alexandra35   High key cat by Alexandra35   Russian Blue by Trippy4U

Black Cat 2 by GarouGarou

    <da:thumb id="133247160"/>  Mrs Cat by Alexandra35  INNOCENCE... by chryssalis

Discovering the Wild by JocelyneR   Sushi 1 by DianaGrigore  Cat Sitting by zapfino    

Gatekeeper by Trippy4U   Baby Kitty II by MarinaCoric   What a face! by JocelyneR

Cat World II by Tigles1Artistry

My Kiki 3 by Greyeyez1980   two by MustafaDedeogLu  My Little Queen Happy Outside by JocelyneR  

My Kittie by RezzanATAKOL     Happy Rascal by George---KirkBaby Willow by Samcatt    

<da:thumb id="260230775"/>  One.Happy.Day by BlueAnomiS  The Little Thinker by TheMsmadcookie

Once Upon a Blue Moon by TeaPhotography

MOTHER CAT by primalfuryan   Lost in the Mirror by polarpoisson   Cat..., Perched by TofstoFs

   For Poupine.... by Tigles1Artistry   My_Way_Into_Neverland by BlueAnomiS  As Brave As Possible by TeaPhotography

   Mask by Laur720  Oh soooo good! by ArtBYbeverly  Cat Nap by gigi50

wtf by surlycat

we twins like to have fun! by Meow-pics   Doughie Face and Mane Closeup by brighteyesgal   cats in sepia 2 by Meow-pics  

Portrait  of A pretty Kitty - Lilly by CrystalMarineGallery   Looking Westward by Aderes-Devorah   The Four Mouseketeers by MadGardens

My Little King by JocelyneR  Lasy by sesam-is-open  Shiva III. by Czertice

Do you Understand by Joe-Maccer

Kitty by Futchakion   Eddie I by ajasin  ...And I Wonder by suezn

Friends by MarinaCoric  pepe by martaraff  ..::Relaxing::.. by Roses-to-Ashes

.V. by MustafaDedeogLu

gifT by MustafaDedeogLu

Digital Art

Cat city by metalparts

His Kingdom by lucity

cat's fantasy by FadwaAngela    The Watch by Georgina-Gibson  Cat and ball by ArtAnda

Cats Couple by hiaamir  Black Cats by hannahblu Witch-Cats by rockgem

To A Place With No Windows To Hold You Back by FeebyNeko   fh4 by sandara  Let Me In - To Your Heart by FeebyNeko

 pukka by miklosfoldi

Bodhi Cat by Joe-Maccer   My hiding by ElenaDudina   Wild Perseverance by TheLoveTrain

     Autumn Kitty by LindArtz  Cat on the roof by SonPan Autumn leaves by HidesBehindThings

6 CATS by primalfuryan   Navelli Cats by PicTd Happy BD Lemmy by marthig

Our Sisterhood by lucity

My Yellow Cat by THE-LEMON-WATCH  Mad Seed, Cats R Love by LindArtz  Huiske by heikala

Sebastian by KarahRobinson-Art   Electrical Cat by MustafaSEZER  . by vfrrich   

The Cat and the Fairy by SweediesArt   Spring Cat by Ruskatukka

Arioso by tracyjb

<da:thumb id="343203734"/>  freckles by ittybittynidhi  Spirit of the cat by ricky4 

Orange Cat Sitting, Knowing by SethFitts   Rouge poisson by MeralSarioglu   Cat: Mouser by SethFitts

Jack O Lantern 2011 by SethFitts   Luna and  Artemis Yin Yang Symbol by SayurixSama  Not Alone 5 by MeralSarioglu

blue moon by Meow-pics

Parallel World by lucity  Friends by maiarcita  Christmas Kitty For All of my Amazing Friends! by Strait-Jacket-Niko  

Black Fractal Kitty by Aderes-Devorah   I see you by Lambii  Wizard's familiar by tamaraR

Lickable... by Mizu-no-Akira

Head in the clouds by Spectrolite  Emerald Mists by lucity  Cute Cat by TheGalleryOfEve

Poor Cat by BiBiARTs  Mill by parbusart  Waiting on All Hallows Eve by e4eva

TEACH ME... by chryssalis

Traditional Art

Cute Lil Kitty by philippeL

<da:thumb id="383091291"/> Cat and Butterfly 2 by TeSzu  gatti by martaraff   

   together warmer by Neko-Art  three cats eating by essencestudios  The Siamese - Acrylic Painting by AstridBruning

Sphynx by NightmareHound

Kote in Grapes by ilonaxxx  Patchwork of love by XRlS  Cat 01 by Oorigami  

Emerald and Sapphire by Yankeestyle94   Should I let go by weida34  Perser Kittens by Yankeestyle94

kitty cutie by ADRIANSportraits

  Dark by essencestudios  Savannah funny Cat by KingZoidLord Funny cat cute tabby kitten painting by KingZoidLord

kiss me quick by shirls-art   Abyssinian Cat by philippeL   The Watering Hole - Watercolour Painting by AstridBruning

   Pandacat by essencestudios  Hypno cat by offermoord  A Family Sunrise by WhiteRedRose13

cat meets butterfly by ADRIANSportraits

Queen Poupine by philippeL  Nighthawk black cat by art-it-art  Mindy by phoebe-johnson

Velvet by philippeL   come into the dark by ADRIANSportraits    WET CAT by ADRIANSportraits

Little Ginger by Sarahharas07   Whiskey and Ella by ArtKayz  Up by XRlS

Murko by jankolas

Hollys Garden 2 Happy Birthday Holly!!! by essencestudios   Colorful by ShikhovaS   Dancing with Dragonflies - detail 2 by AstridBruning

Cat by Ilojleen   Now I Believe in Love at First Sight by borda  Sleepy by ADRIANSportraits

Autumn by ShikhovaS    Meaning look by AuroraWienhold   Beldie by OneCrazyCleric

The Cat Mob by Stardust-Splendor   kedi.. by MeralSarioglu   Catville by Stardust-Splendor

Mad Seed - Garden Fauna by MadGardens

black cat portrait- pastel painting by art-it-art

Artisan & Craft

Merry Widow Hat Cat Pendant Necklace by sobeyondthis

Cat wood silhouette by hontor

butterfly cat by da-bu-di-bu-da   Biskit's Bum - A HeatherCat by CatsWire   Chesire cat of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton by Elfetta2007

Journal KONEKO by Hirominya   Catbug by LlamaWorshipper   Journal NEKO: Ragdoll version by Hirominya

Tiny Cat in a Box pendant - A HeatherCat by CatsWire  Lazy Cats by CatsWire   Christmas Thief - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Twilight Sparkle charm by SirKittenpaws

   Chesire Cat Clinging Earrings by Elfetta2007   Earrings with little cats and dogs by Elfetta2007   Cute dogs and cats by Elfetta2007

Black and Grey painted cats by JillHoffman  Needle felted fox by Lace-maker Adoptable kitten charms by SirKittenpaws  

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR by gingado   Scaley Cat by Sing-Down-The-Moon  Siamese screw top by gbestdevereux

Friendship Rings by TeaPhotography

auris felis 2012 opening ceremony by OnurY


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zapfino Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Professional General Artist

Thank you so much for the feature. It is a honor to be among these fine artists!

I appreciate it!  :)

MYPeanutGallery Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
Absolutely wonderful Feature! :heart:
TheGalleryOfEve Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh my dear, thank you so much for featuring my work in this AMAZING feature!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconaawplz::iconflyingheartsplz: My goodness!!! :iconlainloveplz: I LOVE ALL THESE LOVELY CATS!!! :iconepiclaplz::iconlajumpplz::iconepiclaplz:

Please forgive me for my late reply, I just noticed, and it made my day, you know??? :huggle: Thank you so much!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconsweethugplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
chryssalis Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Ohhhhhh!!!Thank you sooo much for this amazing feature,my sweet,lovely friend!!!
Being amongst all these fantastic kittens!!I love it,thank you from heart!!:aww::love::bow:
Princess-Suki-W Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
What a lovely feature! :love: 
Aaaargh I miss my cat so badly Waaaah! 
surrealistic-gloom Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Thank you very much! :heart:

Oh, I am so sorry for your cat! :hug:
Princess-Suki-W Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
It's OK... :(
it makes a long time but I still miss her, she was a really amazing cat :heart:
DianaGrigore Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Thank you so much for the feature!:aww:
CatsWire Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much for featuring my work in this great collection!! :love:
DanaAnderson Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
Gorgeous collection! =)
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