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April 7, 2013
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Gift of Stillness by Fail-AvengerThe only way is up by Arte-de-JunqueiroBlack swan by saffi9

Untitled-9765 by NelliesArtWorksLittle joys of my garden by WhiteBookTogether by Lior-Art

Colorful Joy... by Tigles1ArtistryEveryday Ice by albatros1Curiosity by melodi996

Niki 3 by Meow-pics:thumb358341745:withered wings by i-see-faces

i look to the future and it makes me cry by i-see-facesInto The Light by shadowfoxcreativeThrough Love's Eyes by incolor16

Jogglin 1 by KellyNGinA touch of March rain by VampirbienePelicans Three by HarLeezPix

rural beuty by Zlata-Petalfungu by DLozanoPhotographieYOU GET SO ALONE by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Blue lake 2 by shadowfoxcreativeA Light In A Darkened State by TeaPhotographyCity Sailing by VikkiFox

Goose by RiverineSummer Passion_Thank you Olivier Delvigne by Lior-ArtLand and Sea by rsiphotography

Black Coffee by Trippy4U

Memento Mori by AWPhotographyandArtFeeling Blue 0925 by TommyPropest-CandlerA Sailors Warning by VikkiFox

A Million Tears by AWPhotographyandArtpale beauty in the meadow by NiopheeCosmos by sara-satellite

Kueken by AkuZekuBefore the masses 2 by shadowfoxcreativeInfrared landscape photo of a lake by photographybypixie

Loneliness by LUCILALEYLAWhat spring should look like by Arte-de-JunqueiroAngels Cry by LUCILALEYLA

vERT gLAS C by TofstoFsIndifference by Arte-de-JunqueiroPoppy glow by kayaksailor

I C E by albatros1All those Yesterdays by LuizaLazarReaching the Skies by DanaAnderson

:thumb359405603:Rainbow Bee-eater by KlaraDrielleGent by Mariadominguez

All Alone by LuizaLazarThe chimney by peterpatemanAvenue by albatros1

A New Beginning by Lior-ArtSpring by albatros1Les Trois Mousquetaires by Hermetic-Wings

golden Ice by albatros1Holy Land- In Front Of The Beach by Lior-ArtDespair  by miapicassa

74/365 by Anonymous-ArtBritish shorthair kitten by arualcatfree fly by epatlis

Midnight by Neon-Tiger-7Forsaken... by wolfcreek50A _ N E W _ B E G I N N I N G by BlueAnomiS

A Day of Summer by philippeLBlooming with Joy by WhiteBookThe Heart of Spring by TeaPhotography

From A Distance by TeaPhotographyWe have all... by WhiteBookWinter Night Swimming by Pajunen

Stunning Rainbow Rose Flower by photographybypixieWomen's Swim by Trippy4UWhat's Goin' On Over There? by TeaPhotography

To Bring a Little Smile by TeaPhotography:thumb356382356:We have all... by WhiteBook

Bitter Taste of Missing Much by Hermetic-WingsInfrared studio portrait Lady with Violin - 5 by photographybypixieTHE OLD DAM AT THE OTTER CREEK by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Goodbye by maska13Woman with umbrella by PajunenYour Reflection Close By by TeaPhotography

Revolutionary Day IV by Trippy4Utall by chrisravensar

Kona Island Enchantment by rsiphotographySide Alley in Galway, Ireland by Pajunen4 cats by Wordup

:thumb278388927:Between The Shadow and The Soul by catch---22THOUGHT by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Frosted Flames by kkartHello Poupine by Tigles1ArtistryIn the Breeze by rsiphotography

Dreamin' about Degu by AndenneI Feel You by catch---22Winter Fox by Wyld-Art-Photography

:thumb329504446:december by Day--DreamRushing to the end of the line by Arte-de-Junqueiro

1206 by i-see-facesSoftball IV by Trippy4U:thumb363715781:

An english spring by Alexandra35Glowing at Dusk by WhiteBookF E E L by BlueAnomiS

Prima Donna by sesam-is-openA Big Wolf.... by Tigles1ArtistryBird On A Branch by HarLeezPix

Sonata Primavera by Metal-BenderCREAM BY REQUEST by AudraMBlackburnsArtAlexandra by O-Gosh

Flowing Colors by wingsofdragonsME(OW) HATE SUMMER... by chryssalisBlue Jay by davincipoppalag

Half way there by prettyflourretro rose by awjaySpring Purples by Kaz-D

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by AudraMBlackburnsArtYummy by BenHeineone day by O-Gosh

Unknown Path by MagicBlanche

Digital Art

Mr Matasanos... by metalromantica:thumb361426830:Queen by abou3

Just for fun Big Alien Head by PaMonkThe Hope by DemirhanocakMogs II by Spinewinder

The light of music by JustMe255The Palace of my memory by SoschaThe Dead Vlei by KlaraDrielle

Spherical  Minded by PaMonkTriste temps pour Aime-Moi by Myria-MoonKitten by BiBiARTs

Some Flowers for you... by LaxmiJayarajNamib Naukluft Park by KlaraDrielle

Dreaming of Pandora by Lior-ArtHappy Easter..from miapicassa.copy by miapicassaButterscotch Vine by karlajkitty

farewell... by iytjMisty by LaraBLN

Haeven And Earth by Lior-ArtVanilla and candies by SirKittenpawsIori by IrkMoon

Commission Samoyed by Leia1987Psychedelic Cat by philippeLred eye at night - seahorse delight by anjourekloos

Everything Changes by coby01Doylespirals-3 Edited by ScarlettInfinityUndead Rising by OptimusSpine

Golden Eagle by philippeLhorde by prune-face99My Secret Garden by Lior-Art

:thumb342717639:Your Majesty by lucitySo Sweet by Lior-Art

The Master by DemirhanocakTHE WONDERFUL TRIP OF ANNIE by CarlosHurtadoSorianoFar From The Sun by Pixx-73

Familly by Alexandra35The Seed by paweljoncaAmber? by Miarath

Hey, I thought... by Lirulin-yirthSpacial Glacial by mpeyartsquadQuick Portrait Sketch by Koily

Viperwolves by hontorFlowers of gold by Lirulin-yirthFractal Willow by DanaAnderson

Shells by Thelma1William by Alexandra35

Black Cherry by karlajkittyParadox by PedroHenrique-2

Sunflowers by DanaAndersonBlobberson by FurryfoxwolfThe Distracted Gaze by dalifan-teresa

Cosmic by Lirulin-yirthShelter by GeminiArtNStockMystery house by HFesbra

Expression... by LaxmiJayarajA little easter bunny by PloopieLevel up by Contxu

Dog 1 by Alexandra35So Far Away by Lior-ArtIl Pescatore by hiram67

Necro-flower by Lirulin-yirthPeacock tail by DanaAndersonRockyscape by GeminiArtNStock

Ducky's wave by coby01Over Again by lucityI Heart You by DanaAnderson

Vaclav by Alexandra35Ruins by ConceptGuyImsomnio by Falabella93

Clear Mind - Yin Yang : by BudhuFakir:thumb298172690:Psychedelic Reflection by Thelma1

Summer Songbirds by mk-kayem

Shape 222 by jennystokesThe Outsider by HippieVan57congregation by HippieVan57

:thumb355063358:Abstraction of Peace... by LaxmiJayarajSphere cutted by Undead-Academy

Art Is Beautiful Stamp by PaMonk

Photo Manipulation

:thumb359639034:A Future Unprepared! by motherearth01:thumb354037766:

SK BKG 20 I by XIStormIXOutside Looking In by XIStormIXCat Lady by essencestudios

Deadly Love Song by XIStormIXTree-on-rocks by YOKOKY.Adora. by spanishbomb0

Daisy Bouquet by YOKOKYBehind These Walls by motherearth01Freedom..... by miapicassa

Tulippes-oil Paint by YOKOKY:thumb271087166:A Winters Day by HippieVan57

Cozy Koala copyrighted by I-Am-Lady-TimelessThe Beach by philippeL:thumb360892822:

:thumb357444449:Babe Ahoy by saperlipop:thumb360365221:

Just Words Two by malkavian30504A Creature for Chris by saperlipopPoupi-eyes by essencestudios

Friends-Jobaratok 2 by ladyjudinaeternal by Auriferous-artHello I arrived 2 animation.-Hallo megerkeztem 2 , by ladyjudina

8th of March present 2010 by Lirulin-yirthA place for you by Auriferous-art''Released'' by Kurau-Phantomhive

Hope by Sandra-CristhinaSea Of Stars by HippieVan57CHOICES by chryssalis

Cheetah and Moth by saperlipoprequiem for a broken world by HippieVan57Follow Me by Andenne

In Wonderland II by Tigles1ArtistryHeaven And Earth by GeminiArtNStock:thumb363517034:

Ravenna by megan7The SCREAM by megan7

Autumn of Eden... by Lirulin-yirthVacuous - Animation (Gift from Guihena) by chryssalisYou Stole My Heart.. by JacquelineLecocq

Lavender Valley by WishmasterAlchemistHappy Easter Everyone! by motherearth01night flight by HippieVan57

Magical Mystery Tour by Tigles1Artistry:thumb342776761:Snow White on Holiday by saperlipop

Torsos-Torzok by ladyjudinaMuse by saperlipopThe Couple by Canankk

Polymorph daydream... by metalromanticaLeaf bronze and leather_Falevel bronz bor by ladyjudinaOEDIPUS AND THE SPHINX.. by chryssalis

Sun by Bojan1558Biological Clock by CanankkSTILLBORN by chryssalis

Lady and Young Dragons by saperlipop:thumb354121074:Rain by megan7

BLINDNESS by chryssalisCool Cat by saperlipopWhat you don't like about yourself? by Flobelebelebobele

Phoenix by brandrificusballoons planet by beyzayildirim77Winter Fairy by digitalessandra

Blue thoughts by DanaAndersonThe Apple World by shahafyakovpainting by abbeylynn

Traditional Art

Feel the Sun by AnnaArmonaPortrait of Squat by NewAgeTravellerThe rest from the Summer (Der Rest vom Sommer) by volker03

Oliver by LuxDaniYellow Umbrellas by CarolynYMBird Hat by SethFitts

RED WILL by sinsenorDan's Trotter - Oil Painting by AstridBruningSunflowers by Dusty-Feather

Nature's Fire by kach-backfizzy moon by Marianna9Tears in heaven by milenkadelic

Landscape Painting by Nat-photographyBunch of roses by sandydeepBeauty by Nat-photography

Arabian Horse by rimrimrimI 'll always Love will I.... by floriaiglenoirSpirit Eater - The Last of the Jabberlopes by Rayjmaraca

Squirrel 1 by HouseofChabrierStudy ~ African Bee Eater done in Pastels! by ArtBYbeverlyViolin and Boot by VanCityArtist

Two Spirits by SethFitts:thumb357277260::thumb360807933:




















To be continued...

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